The Future of Children’s Edutainment Technology is Here


We’ve pushed the boundaries of children’s games with speech recognition technology so they can be played by voice.

Our journey has given us years of experience we can lend to your development team while you produce apps for children.

We are COPPA compliant. Cloud based solutions have risks and we know how to protect children’s privacy. We have kids too.

We specialize in developing child-focused, COPPA and GDPR-compliant software. Our team has over 20 years combined experience in developing compliant software, and will work with your team to eliminate risks.

Our team is prepared to handle Apple’s developer requirements for the Kid’s Section of the App Store, which restricts data collection on children. We provide audits of your software, let you know where your data is going, and stop the flow if needed.

Our acoustic models are customized to recognize speech that is based on standards of intelligible responses.

Every word speaks volumes.

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